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Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

We all are eyeing something to freshen up our looks with the weather heating up. What can do the job better than a new hair color? After extended lockdowns and low-maintenance hair colors, it may seem that the moment has come to dabble with brighter and bolder hues, but 2022 is all about earthy, warm, and natural-looking hair color tones that have a luxurious twist.
From strawberry hues to copper and milky blonde, these are all the hair color trends you will see everywhere this summer. Let’s dive in!

Copper Hair

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @colormeamberr

In today's hair coloring industry, fashionistas search for inspiration everywhere, from catwalks to celeb street styles. The brightest example of this is Kendel Jenner’s copper hair which started the copper hair movement of this season. From bright copper tones to deeper ones, copper has momentum right away. This celebrity-inspired hair color trend is a mix of bronze and brown tones that matches all complexions. The experts advise fashionistas with lighter skin tones to try lighter copper tones and those with darker skin tones darker copper shades that incorporate brunette hues in color. Copper is one of the hair colors that work well on every hairstyle and texture: long or short, sleek or curly.

Take some inspiration from the celebs who rocked the color: Gigi Hadid and Kendel Jenner.

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @kendalljenner

Strawberry Blonde

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @gabrielasousza

Strawberry blonde is a mix of red and blonde tones. Though this trendy color comes in many variations, from darker tones to light pinker hues, it is the warm blonde hair color. This hair color looks good on lighter skin, mostly. However, it doesn’t mean that dark-skinned women should not sport the trend; they may try various coloring techniques with a strawberry blonde (highlights, an ombré, or balayage.) So if you can’t choose whether to go blonde or red, then strawberry blonde is the answer. The strawberry blonde hair color trend became popular due to the celebrities Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, and Blake Likely.

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @nicolekidman

Expensive Brunette

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @priyankachopra

An expensive brunette is the 2022’s color trend that immediately grew in popularity sweeping the salons worldwide. It is a luxe color focused on the health and shine of the hair. However, note that the trend’s name “expensive brunette” doesn’t refer to the pricey upkeep of the color; in fact, expensive brunette may be relatively low-maintenance. Created with your natural hair as a base and toned with a glossy toner that ties the mixed colors adding more shine and dimension, an expensive brunette is specially designed to look luxe. The celebs wearing expensive brunettes are Hailey Bieber and Priyanka Chopra. Thus, an expensive brunette is a brunette that is toned with different hues.

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @haileybieber

Mushroom Brown

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @kimsbeautystudio

Making their way into the hair coloring industry, the earthy tones like mushroom brown immediately became adorable for most celebs and Instagram influencers. The mushroom brown color is a neutral tone of brown that leans toward ashy hues on the one hand and grey or taupe on the other. Once you have decided to wear mushroom brown, you’d better consider your skin tone and eye color to know which undertones of mushroom brown to try. So, mushroom brown is a low-maintenance hair color that allows you to spice up your look, not veering much from your natural brown hair color.
When speaking about this hair color trend, we can’t but remember Jennifer Lopez.

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @jlo

Pink and Purple Shades

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022


Here is good news for pink lovers: the pink hair color trend is back in 2022. If you are eyeing trying pinkish shades, the professionals advise consulting your hair colorist. However, if you want a temporary change, you can use at-home temporary hair dyes; it’s a commitment-free way to bring fun and excitement to your summer hair look.


Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022


Curlies can add a pop of color to have a super trendy look this summer. Curlyage is a hand painting of individual curl patterns. The outcome is adorable highlighted curls that give you a flirty and sunny look.

Beach Bronde

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022


Bronde is another earthy color that is trending right away. You can get a beachy blonde look at home by using bronde at-home color kits. If you are a natural brown-headed, then the upkeep of the color won’t cost you much effort.

Milky blonde

Platinum-inspired milky blonde is achieved through highlighting and lowlighting techniques, so it has more dimension, and depth, and looks more expensive. This neither warm nor cool color is for literally everyone, irrespective of skin tone and eye color. Want a more incredible finish? Then, you will need a shoulder-reaching blunt haircut styled with waves, and voilà!
Milky blonde is the new hair color for Kim Kardashian. It took her 14 hours to get the color. What is more, she will retain the milky tint for some time.

Summer Hair Color Trends to Try in 2022

Credit: @kimkardashian

Final Words

As you see, the latest hype of 2021 that filled our Insta feeds is gone in 2022. Yes, you are right! We are speaking about money pieces. These nostalgic chunky highlights are for bold color lovers, but 2022 is all for natural-looking tones, so trend-setters preferred to leave the edgy hair color trend in 2021. Instead, 2022 brings more earthy hair colors that look expensive and healthy.
Thus, if you are looking for a sunny hair makeover, find hair inspiration from these trends and call your hairstylist ASAP. As the trends come and go, why miss out on something you like the most?

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