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Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

Billie Eilish, the coolest teen singer, and songwriter breaks the internet with her angelic voice and punk style. But wait! It is not all; there is always hustle and bustle around her iconic figure. Guess what can take the credit for it? Yes, her ever-changing hair color!
The chart-topped celeb likes playing with colors, effortlessly switching to almost every color of the rainbow.
How many colors did she sport? Let’s have a quick insight into the colorful experience of the renowned teen.


Billie flashes from dark tints to light colors, without a hitch — neon, lavender, silver-white, blue are just some of the colors from her rich palette. What was her real hair color before she came to the limelight?
Her natural hair color was blond. The reason behind her easy transformations may be just the light color as she can test any dye without in-salon bleaching.

Platinum Blonde

Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

Who said that greys are the signs of maturity? With her head-turning smokey grays, Eilish comes to prove that silver tones can cut a dash not only on catwalks and red carpets but also in everyday life. With its fantastic metal shimmer, this cool color flattered her skin tone, instilling effortless trendiness and charm.
If you are looking for some at-home color kits under $10 to get the same silver style, we can give you some recs:
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Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

It seems that the star is fed up with bleached locks, and it’s high time to rock a fun shade so that fans can’t help but swoon over it. So, salute mermaid-inspired lavender with some magical tints, took her to look into a new level! It was the time she felt ‘broken or so,’ 2018.
Longing for a switch to this ethereal color? Take the leap with Color Sensation 8.21 - Sweet Lavender Dreams ($4.99)

Vibe Blue

Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

Although Billie tested many variations of the color, she admitted that blue is not her favorite one. Irrespective of her opinions about the hue, blue hair stays one of the coolest hairstyles due to Lady Gaga and other celebs.
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Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

Black as night, alluring, stunning! Billie’s next hair transformation embraces black hair color. She had black hair just for several months, but it looked so natural as though it was her virgin hair. The dark hue matched her perfectly, brightening her eyes and adding some extra depth to her look.
For the fans envisioning to have the same locks as the star, we may suggest:
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Neon Green

Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

This time a green lover donned edgy colors playing with the hues of neon green and black.
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Billie Eilish — Epitome of Vibrant Hair Color Shifts!

In the music video Xanny, she sports brown hair. Her make-over is a bit astonishing, as it’s hard to imagine the icon of punk style with natural hair color. For having brown hair, you can pick Garnier Nutrisse Marron Hair Colour Cream Medium Golden Brown 53 Chestnut ($5.99)

These were just some vibrant colors that the famous teen gave a go in her journey through stardom. What color will Billie don next? We can’t fancy it, but for sure — whatever color she will jump into, the punk style will yell anyhow. Let’s wait for new radiant changes!

The source of images: 'Arielle Bobb-Willis for The New York Times.'

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