Trend hair color 2017

Dear visitor, the world goes forward all sphere, which is according to a measure of beauty and opportunities.
Of course, in order to how much a shade in the trend, you should be careful for occasions what color your eyes, figure and what kind of your hobbies.
The best trend, the first,is beauty and healthy hair, which is irreplaceable benefits and unquenchable source of charm for every woman.

We will inform you about hot trend hair color 2017 in our web – page. Are you ready? Gooo...

We will mark out tens of stars of show business which have original and always soigne hair and stylish cuts for long. We begin our photo excursion from such stars, honey painted hair have Alexa Chung.

We should mark silver blonde hair color with its fairy beautiful shades in winter hair color trends 2016 - 2017.

We should mark, that this color belongs to the cold shades and it can equally look like so bright for brunets in condition to that shade will be in tanned colors. Kim Kardashian proud s of such mixed new colors of hair.


From another side, if you fan of more tanned tones, we think, that the comparison of brown will be ideal for you.

This color have its original position in new hair trend and if we know that 2017 is monkey's year, so it is clear that every shade of brown will be the best in 2016 trend.

Such colored hair have Ashly Greene with more bright shades we can of then see Emma Stone or Drew Barrymore.
Always perfect Ashley Greene...

New hairstyle by Emma Stone...

Dark brown is the best trend of last year is also in style, but we prefer to mix with bright shades, because red hair color medium skin tones suits with wheat skin tones.

Adding a few bright tones you will be more charm for the reason of your face color,which will not underline in dark hair background and it will look more harmonious.

We can even mark reddish brown (red hair tones) in the colors which equally suit women and girls whose bodies are bright and tanned.

Of course, monkey's year means much colors and freedom by herself, cold brown has its place in the color trends in 2016.

It is so difficult to get such shade, because this color isn't match in the nature. Usually dark hairs have dark shades but good hairstylists can do your curls as better as they can be brightest and much under shades.
For getting this shade we must mix two fundamental colors : brown and ashy.

This color keeps its brown paint but the curls get silver shades and create unique deepness over the light. We can of then see Angelina Jolie's hair this type.

It is so fine to be in stylish hairstyle and colored in trend, but we should remember about the colors of natural which is in its height in every age and absolutely from every style. Such color for example is expresso hair color or french roast hair color.

This type of colored hair we can often see Jessica Lowndes or Megan Fox who is graven image (idol ) for men.

In any case, I don't advice you to get ultra modern trend color for example, orange or green cacadu and try, because we should keep in mind many cases beginning from color of skin and eyes, ending from ages hobbies.

If you are a bank explore, I don't think, that you will cordially accept from your collective with your green trend hair color.

If you in show business,it is good look like bravely for you. I advice blue black hair color to bank employees, it underlines brave and imparts charm and sexuality.

It will be said for a wise man,which name unfortunately, I don't remember : follow trends and the rest of mass will follow you.

For long hair stylish cuts or stencil hair color. We don't forget about these in our blog.

Our web page will tell you about trend hair color 2016, we will inform you about hair paining with new recourse and technologies.


In a word, you can use all colors for beginning. Leather black hair color ending sparkling amber hair color but create always and don't be uniform. If you have new ideas about mixed colors or create original color, write us and we will public ate your letters in our web page.

Our web page will tell you not only about 2016 - 2017 hair color trend, we will always inform you about new occasions and technologies of hair paining.

In a word,use all colors beginning leather black hair color, ending sparkling amber.