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Wella hair color chart

There are many times when you want to dye your hair with temporary hair color, but you find it difficult to choose a color (alone). Unfortunately, not all hair color producers think the same way and sometimes the names of the colors and moreover the numbers are strictly different. For example "Wella Koleston dark brown" number 2 hair color is completely different from "Loreal Prodigy", and the one which gives the same color is “Medium brown "4.15 Sienna".

If you decided to dye your hair at home, first of all, concentrate on which brand you are going to use and then choose the color.

Buying the color you liked, you’ll find the technics about the details of the hair coloring process in the box. If it’s difficult for you to choose the color, you can look for “hairstyle celebrity 2016” on the internet, and maybe that will help you in your choice.
Wella Koleston special blonde color chart:

Wella hair color chart

Wella hair color chart

Color chart name: Basic
Brand: Wella
Manufacturer: P&G Brands
Full color palette here: Wella Hair Color 2020 (Kolestone)
Full color palette Koleston Perfect download here PDF

Regardless of the color, you are going to give to your hair, you can choose either the shades of blonde from the “Wella” color chart or darker shades. Don’t forget that getting beautiful and homologous color for your hair mostly depends on your original hair color, the previously used hair color, etc.
Of course, the light colors will look darker on dark shades, and get the proper shade for your hair you need to equally bleach it before you’ll dye it. Or if you avoid damaging your hair, you can use the technology for hair coloring called "babylights”. Here the degree/possibility of damaging hair is minimal. The most widely known hair color brand is Wella. The colors, as well as the color charts of all famous brands, can be found here.

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