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What Are the Hair Color Trends for 2016?

2016 is coming! New ideas, new color trends! Trying a new hair color is definitely in every woman's to-do list. We will try to predict the hottest trendy hair colors of the year. With our list of the coolest hair colors of the year, you will find a real inspiration to give it a go. 
Dark hair will never be out-of-date. For Goldilocks, who opt to go black we may suggest some brown or bronde shades, before making drastic changes. 


In 2016, the celebs jump into deep and multifaceted colors. They are not here for one separate color. For adding warmth and dimension to their seemingly flat locks, they use highlights. The equally balanced brown and blonde tinges are all the rage this year. Currently, Celena Gomez is wearing bronde. This natural-like mixture of blond and brown will take your look into a new level.

Dark Shades of Brown, Mahagony, Chocolate 

Together with bronde shades, natural color fans can also enjoy dark mahogany. From the great range of dark colors, you can choose one that best matches your undertone and try it without the fear of damaging your hair, as darker hues require less in-salon treatments. Whatever you choose, be sure that healthy hair is always in style. So, for women wearing darker colors, we recommend thinking twice, before testing multiple bleaching sessions. Still in doubt, whether dark brown shades are for you or not? Have a look at Anna Kendrick's hot chocolate mane. She can really cut a dash in any color, but this darker shade perfectly harmonizes with her eyebrows, accentuating eyes. So, fashion aficionados can't help but follow the latest celeb-inspired color trends.

Ombre, Sombre & Balayage

Hair coloring techniques as ombre, sombre & balayage are in vogue this year. If having gorgeous hand-painted locks is what you are after, try balayage and enjoy the soft, super-natural hair color. It is better to achieve balayage in the salon, trusting the pick of the right hue that matches your undertone to the professional hairstylist. You will end up with a brighter appearance and a glowing mane.
If you seek some tone graduation from darker roots to lighter tips, then style your hair with ombre technique. For the fans of the softer and more subtle shifts of the color, we may suggest sombre, that is almost equal to ombre, the only difference is the slight transition of the dark roots to the light ends. 
Playing with traditional colors to achieve the shift from dark to light shades is not all you need? Then you may try these styling techniques with blue, copper, lavender, neon, etc. 


Blonde shades will prevail this year. Instead of bold platinum, or silver greys, the year is here for ash blonde. 

Hidden Rainbow Hair

Want to try bold looks, but there is something that holds you back? Strict dress code! The year offers concealed rainbow hair coloring trends for those who prefer vivid and bold tones but can't sport it everywhere. As the name suggests this style presupposes rainbow shades that are hidden behind the top layers of your hair. So, your hidden rainbow is visible only when your hair is tied up. 
Which of the colors grabbed your attention  -  hidden rainbow, bronde, bold highlights, or darker shades? Whatever you choose, be sure that the best hair color trend is the one that suits you best and makes you feel confident. So, find the right color and rock!