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Igora hair color chart, ingredients, Instructions

Igora hair color chart, ingredients, Instructions

Color chart name: hair color chart
Brand:Royal Permanent Hair Color™

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Permanent Hair Color Instructions:
Mix the oil with the oxidant IGORA Royal: 3% 10 Vol.

Mixing ratio: 1:1
Exposure time: 5 to 30 minutes (monitored visually)

Note: the color shade on the screen may differ from the color palette to the strands.
Instructions for Applying:
1. Mix 1: 1 (. 60 ml dye Igora Royal Color Creme + Oxidant 60ml Igora Royal Oil Developer.)

Natural / Fashion
- Colouring darker in tone pastel painting of 3% / 10 Vol.
- Dyeing tone-on-tone, gray hair coverage, clarification on the 1-2 level of 6% / 20 Vol.
- Clarification on the 2-3 level of 9% / 30 Vol.

Number 10
- Lightening up to 3 levels of 9% / 30 Vol.
- Clarification on the 3-4 level of 12% / 40 Vol.

Igora Absolutes
- Coverage of gray hair and giving a fashionable shade of 9% / 30 Vol.
- Coverage of gray hair a fashionable shade with + 90% to 100% gray 6% / 20 Vol.

Igora Fashion Lights Color highlighting 12% / 40 Vol.
Clarification of special shades. 1: 2 (. 60ml Paint Igora Royal Color Creme + 120ml oxidant Igora Royal Oil Developer.)

12 series of lighting for 4-5 levels 12% / 40 Vol.
Recommendation: to lighten hair on the 3-4 level is possible to use an oxidant Lotion 9% / 30 Vol.

2. Application
Protect the boundary line of hair using IGORA cream to protect the scalp. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.

a) Natural hair. Start applying the dye through the hair, retreating from the roots. After 10-15 minutes, apply on hair roots.
b) Application to the regrown roots. Start the application with the regrown roots. After 15-30 minutes, apply on hair and blade tips.

The dual technique: coloring method for pre-colored hair. The dual technique is based on the method of
professional hair coloring, a prisoner in a combination dyeing permanent dye on the roots and semi-permanent through the hair. Technology allows us to achieve beautiful hair condition and web tips. There remains a healthy hair structure, intense shine and uniform coating.
Example: Igora Royal is applied to the hair roots, Igor Vaybrans or expert Igor mousse is applied across the rest of the length and evenly freshens color. This system allows for uniform coverage over the entire length of hair, fresh color and intense shine.

3. Exposure time.
10-30min. 30-45min. 30-45min. 30-45min.
3% / 10Vol. 6% / 20 Vol. 9% / 30 Vol. 12% / 40 Vol.

4. Flushing. Proemulgirovat and rinse with plenty of water with the use of Shampoo Bonacure color protection

Natural shades provide unrivaled coverage of gray hair -0 / -00 / -1 / -4
Trendy shades give the hair brilliant and rich color SHINE -11 / -12 / -13 / -5 / -55 / -57 / -6 / -65 / -68 / -7 / -77 / -88 / -98 / -99

Clarifying shades / 10-series provides a hair lightening 3-4 level 10-0 / 10-1 / 10-4
Clarifying shades / 12-series provides a hair lightening 4-5 layers 12-0 / 12-1 / 12-11 / 12-19 / 12-2 / 12-4

Absolute shades - unsurpassed fashionable colors with 100% coverage of gray -40 / -50 / -60 / -70 / -80 / -90
Fashion Lights - shades to perform any of the techniques of dyeing and color accents create a L-00 / L-44 / L-57 / L-77 / L-88 / L-89

Neutralizing shades designed to neutralize the color by adding 0-11 / 0-22 / 0-33 in a small amount of the ink composition

Amplifiers increase the degree of lightening natural lightening of dark hair by 0-55 / 0-77 / 0-88 / 0-89 / 0-99 adding nebolshgo amount in the ink composition
Soft pastel shades - transparent shades with a small amount of colored pigments 9,5-0 / 9,5-1 / 9,5-22 / 9,5-4 / 9,5-49 / 9,5-18 / 9.5 -17 perfect for toniravaniya previously bleached or bleached hair

Precautionary measures:

Just to demonstrate how professional. Dyes for hair can cause allergic reactions.
Read and follow instructions carefully. The product is not intended for use by persons under 16 years of age. Availability of temporary tattoos with henna of application can increase the risk of allergic reactions.
Do not dye your hair, if your customer:
- A rash on the face, the scalp is sensitive, irritated or damaged;
- I have ever had an allergic reaction after coloring the hair;
- Previous experience allergic reactions to temporary tattoos with henna of application.

Test the sensitivity of the skin 48 hours before each staining, even if the client has previously used such coloring agents. Test the sensitivity of the skin area of ​​1cm x 1cm on the inside of the elbow. Apply a small amount of cream paint a thin layer on the inner side of the elbow with a cotton swab and leave for 34 minutes on the covering. Avoid contact with clothing. Gently closed tube or vial. Thoroughly wash off after 45 minutes.

When the manifestation of any reaction for a dwell time or during the next 48 hours, and not immediately washed off using this product. This test is an important precaution. However, it should be understood that even after the test sensitivity can be observed at the client an allergic reaction in hair coloring. Lack of reaction to this test is no guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur as a result of subsequent staining.
Please inform the customer of the need to consult with a physician if there is any doubt about a possible reaction to the colorant.
2. If, during the staining was observed:
- Irritation or burning: Immediately rinse the product from the hair and to stop the use of the product, as this reaction may be a manifestation of allergy. Next, the hair should NOT be painted before consulting a doctor.
- Rapid reddening of the skin, dizziness or weakness, shortness of breath and / or swelling
Eye / Face: Immediately wash the hair and immediately seek medical attention.

Igora hair color chart, ingredients, Instructions

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Permanent Hair Color Ingredients:
Aqua (Water)
Cetearyl Alcohol
Ceteareth-20 Ammonium Hydroxide Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate
Glycol Distearate Octyldodecanol
Glyceryl Stearate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Resorcinol Potassium Hydroxide
Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate
2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCL 4-Chlororesorcinol
Oleic Acid
Sodium Sulfite
Silica, Tetrasodium EDTA, Carbomer
Potassium Stearate, m-Aminophenol
Ascorbic Acid
Sodium Sulfate
Linoleamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate
Benzyl Salicylate
Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract
Citric Acid
Titanium Dioxide

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