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Proven Ways to Combat Skin Aging

Apart from chronological aging of the skin, there is also extrinsic aging that primarily depends on external factors and environmental influences such as sun exposure, pollution, poor nutrition, and sleep deprivation. It's important to begin caring for your skin as soon as possible, but 30 isn't too late to begin combating wrinkles. There is still plenty you can do to reduce the effects of aging on your face as you become older.
Here are a handful of tips by dermatologists:

Proven Ways to Combat Skin Aging

Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

Everyone likes sunbathing and feels nice under the sun's beams. However, keep in mind that your love affair is one-sided, and your skin is rapidly damaged when exposed to UV radiation. So, remember that protecting your skin from UV radiation is essential. Otherwise, these harmful rays will infiltrate your skin and damage the elastic fibers that keep your skin tight. Thus, whether spending a day at the beach or taking walks in the sun, wear lightweight, long-sleeved clothing and apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Quit Smoking

The detrimental effects of smoking on your body are apparent, and your skin is no exception. Toxins produced by smoking damage elastin and collagen fibers in the skin. The fewer these fibers there are in your skin, the less elastic your face will be. As a result, the more cigarettes you smoke, the more wrinkles you get, the grayer your face, and the more uneven your complexion becomes. Among the many worries that smoking may cause, skin aging is a compelling reason to quit.

Keep a Healthy Diet

It is scientifically proven that skin condition dramatically depends on nutrition. Though eating a healthy foot won’t cut ten years from you, some nutrients can help you to look younger and feel your best with getting older. According to the research eating, plenty of sugar and other refined carbohydrates can speed up skin aging. Thus, a healthy diet should include protein-rich food, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, D, and E.
The most popular foods that support healthy aging are:
-Green tea
-Dark chocolate

Whenever you eat fruits and veggies, choose those with vibrant colors as they are typically indicative of better radical combating skills and keep your skin healthy and vibrant. The more colors on your plate you can fit, the better.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol can cause skin dehydration. And we all know that dehydration is bad for your skin: it makes it seem dull, enlarges pores, loses suppleness, causes wrinkles to appear, and makes you look older. In addition, as you become older, alcohol causes more significant dehydration, so even one night of heavy drinking might make your wrinkles more visible.

Exercise a Lot

Some people think of a physical activity as a way to keep your body in shape and your heart healthy, but they overlook the benefits of regular exercise on your skin and appearance. For example, exercising can help to enhance lymph flow and reduce eye puffiness making you look younger.

Apply Moisturizer Regularly

Moisturizing is an essential factor that makes your skin look younger. As moisturizers trap water in your skin, it looks more youthful and elastic. Regular moisturizing can take off several years from your age.

Make a Good Night’s Sleep a Priority

During sleep, your skin's blood flow rises, and your skin rebuilds all of the muscles destroyed by UV exposure. In addition, your hormone levels have been normalized, and your immune system has been stimulated. After all, getting enough sleep at night is critical for preserving glowing and young skin and for your overall health.

Use Anti-Aging Products

Start your skincare routine with antiaging products. You may look for the ingredients such as retinoids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, peptides, etc.

Proven Ways to Combat Skin Aging

The Bottom Line

Wrinkles on your face are a normal process that everyone goes through. The key is to slow down the process. If you stop smoking, prevent UV exposure, keep your skin moisturized and clean, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly. In that case, you will notice how young, glowy, and beautiful your skin becomes.
Start living a healthy lifestyle today, and the advantages will come quickly, even if you have indications of premature aging.
If you are bothered by the indicators of aging skin, you should consult a dermatologist. Due to innovative treatments and less-invasive procedures for erasing wrinkles, tightening skin, and enhancing complexion, many individuals now have younger-looking skin.

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