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Masks for branched hair

Masks for branched hair

This problem especially refers to those who have long hair. This gives a huge trouble and spoils the hairstyle look. The branching ends of hair are easily messed, do not look good and sometimes strictly differ from the other part of the hair with its color.
Fortunately, it is not impossible to solve this problem. One should just primarily and properly give attention to his/her hair care. You can easily make some homemade masks for hair. Now we will introduce some of them.

Mask with hot oil
You need to apply a mixture of several types of hot oil to your hair ends – 30 minutes before rinsing hair. You can mix them beforehand or you can just sequentially apply the oil to your hair ends. The result will be great. For example you can choose almond oil. This has a good recovering effect. This nourishes hair, gives a useful effect and, so to say, “closes” the branched ends.
You can mix this oil with olive oil or burdock oil. Just take equal parts of them and mix. Apply the mixture to your hair ends; close your hair with a hat or with a polyethylene bag and whip with a warm towel to keep the thermal effect. This will ease the penetration of useful components.

Mask with egg yolk and honey
For branching hair you can use masks made of egg yolk, honey and any kind of oil (even sunflower oil). Segregate egg yolk from its albumen. Make sure to avoid using the albumen in your mask, as even the little amount of the albumen can have a drying effect on your hair. Mix the yolk with 2 tea spoon of honey, add 2 table spoon of hot oil, mix it thoroughly and apply to your hair ends.
You need to cover your hair again with something warm (a towel for example), and keep it approximately for 30 minutes. After this you should rinse your hair with a very soft shampoo and finally rinse the ends with cold water. Cold water closes the split ends and prevents the new ones.

Mask with banana and milk cream
A mask made of mashed banana, milk cream and warmed oil (made of grape seeds) perfectly nourishes hair ends. Properly spall all the ingredients in blender, apply the mass to your hair and rinse after 20 minutes.

Mask with aloe and honey
A mask made of aloe (fresh juice), honey (1 tea spoon) and lemon juice (1 table spoon) has a great medical effect on split ends of hair. You can add a little olive oil. This is both useful and eases the procedure of spreading the mask over and through the hair. All the ingredients should be blended well until it becomes a homogeneous mass. A little warm the mixture before applying it to your hair.

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