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Biolage Color: Ingredients, How Tos

Need a boost of confidence?
What can bring more self-confidence than a great hair day? Such days are not a big problem with Biolage hair color.

A Flashback to the History of Using Plant-Based Colors

Historically, people got a vast range of primary colors and a combination of their hues from plants and flowers like woad, indigo, saffron, madder family and used them to color various materials. Until the advent of contemporary cosmetics and hair color products, these plant-based colors were also used for coloring hair and skin.
Nowadays, the hair coloring industry is full of various hair coloring products that combine the best chemicals to get effective results. Irrespective that these modern hair dyes are created with enhanced scientific know-how, they may contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals that may damage your hair and scalp. Matrix offers revolutionary hair color that is merely plant-based.

Biolage Color: Ingredients, How Tos

Biolage Haircolor: What is it?

Biolage by Matrix is a leader in professional haircare that offers only botanical-powered formulas. It is an ideal solution for those who will color their hair for the first time or have fragile hair prone to damage. With Biolage color you can:

Tone or gloss hair

Freshen natural color

Blend grays (up to 50%)

The Key Ingredients of the Biolage Hair Color

Biolage is the number one plant-based hair color that gives desired results. In its formula containing a small number of ingredients (up to 10), this hair color product doesn't have harsh chemicals that may damage your hair. The product is vegan, cruelty, ammonia, and gluten-free and doesn't contain any additives. The key ingredients of this 80–100% plant-based hair product include henna and cassia leaves and coconut oil.

Henna leaves are harvested once a year in the Sojat region, India. They are used to add depth and lift out hair.

Cassia leaves add intense shine and strengthen hair.

Coconut oil helps to boost shine and makes the mixing of the ingredients easy.

Biolage vs. Henna

Biolage Color: Ingredients, How Tos

Though both Henna and Biolage are natural, however, they have significant differences:
As compared to henna, Biolage works with colored hair and can lift out your hair.
Henna shades are limited, while Biolage not only offers 20 shades, but you can also get your desired hue by mixing the shades.
Besides, Henna contains metallic salts that may damage hair, while Biolage is purified of them.
Henna is very difficult to wash out from your hair, while Biolage stays for up to 20 washes.

According to Matrix Artistic Director Dan Csicsai, no other natural product can replace Biolageto fulfilling the clients' expectations. "It delivers healthy, shiny hair color and actually makes the hair stronger," says Dan Csicsai.

Customizable Shades of Biolage Haircolor

Biolage Color: Ingredients, How Tos

Biolage offers 20 amazing, inter-mixable shades that will surely lead you to better hair days. These vegan, pre-mixed tones may give cool, sheer colors in 10 minutes or rich, blended coverage in 30 minutes and are designed to endure through 20 shampoos. From Calendula Gold to Rosehip Blonde, a full range of blondes, brunettes, and reds are here. If you don't find your very shade, you can get it by mixing several shades.

How to Use Biolage Hair Color

Cleanse your hair and towel-dry. You may use Biolage Clean Reset or Biolage R.A.W. Shampoos.
1. Wear gloves 
2. Add color powder (50–100g depending on your hair length and density) into hot water (150–300mL, boiled in a kettle at 100°C) with a ratio of 1:3. Biolage Color is processed without any developer.
3. Wait for several minutes and check the coolness of the mixture by dropping a small amount on your wrist. 
4. When the mixture is cool enough, apply the mixture to your hair using a brush and comb to thoroughly saturate your hair.
5. The developing time varies from 10 to 45 minutes. It depends on your desired service: whether you want to tone, refresh, or blend. If you want to add shine and tone, 10 minutes (covered hair) are enough for processing the color. In the case you want to enhance color, you should wait for 15 minutes with covered hair. And finally, for blend, wait 30–45 minutes, not forgetting about covering hair.  
6. Rinse with cool water. You may also use Biolage Acidic Milk Rinse.

Attention: Biolage Hair Color is not intended for eyelashes or eyebrows as it may cause blindness. The product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation. It is strongly recommended to read the instructions and make a patch test prior to use.  
The packet is meant for two applications.

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