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Crazy Color Hair Color Chart, Ingredients

It's not a secret that your hair color can change not only your look but also your mood. Therefore, it may be considered a way to express your character, let alone outrageous colors that can bring a lot of fun and help you reveal the boldest you. 

Crazy Color Hair Color Chart, Ingredients

The lovers of daring hair colors will immediately fall in love with Crazy Color®. Launched in 1977 by Renato Brunas, Crazy Color® immediately became a fashion statement during the Punk era (a movement characterized by bold hairstyles and clothes). Now, in 2021 the brand is still world-famous and continues to stun crazy personalities with unapologetically lovely colors. In addition, the brand offers temporary, semi-permanent hair colors. What does it mean? You just add a pop of color, skipping long-term commitments.
Crazy Color products are infused with sunflower, raspberry, and avocado oil help to hydrate and nourish your hair. No harsh chemical is included in the formula of the dyes. 

Temporary Hair Dye

The trendies looking for an instant hair makeover can try Crazy Color Temporary dyes, including five pastel colors. These easy-to-apply hair dyes allow you to enjoy your hair color within minutes just from the comfort of your room. Crazy Color Temporary hair dyes don't contain harsh chemicals and last up to 3 washes. Thus, if you have long eyed for going pastel lavender, pastel coral, or maybe pastel bubblegum, don't hesitate to rock your fave pastel shade. Remember that you can mix the colors to get the one you will be happy with. Test new colors!

Crazy Color Hair Color Chart, Ingredients

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Crazy Color Semi-Permanent hair color comes in 41 vibrant intermixable shades that give you a chance to create your custom color. You can also create your custom color with a range of Crazy Colors.
Let's take a look at the broad spectrum of amazing bold colors offered by Crazy Color.

Ingredients: Aqua, ceryl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, PEG-20 stearate, citric acid, ceteareth-20, formic acid laurylpyridinium chloride, methyl paraben, CI48013, basic blue k, CI48056, CI51004, CI42000, CI42535, diazacianine, CI48054, CI44045, CI48016, CI11085, CI21010, CI42510, acetic acid, ethylene glycol.

How to Apply Crazy Color?

1. Do a patch test to exclude allergies.
2. Pre-lighten your hair to the level 9 and 10 to achieve vibrant results.
3. Apply Crazy Color on shampooed and towel-dried hair. 
4. Start with your roots, then move to the tips. Spread the dye with a comb or a brush working on every section. Massage thoroughly to make sure every strand is coated. 
5. Wait for 15–30 minutes and wash your hair. Depending on your grays and hair texture, you may leave the color longer than half an hour. The maximum development time is one hour. 
6. Rinse with cool water. Don't use shampoos. 

Useful Tips to Consider for Your Dye Job

Before applying the dye, put on gloves.
Follow the Instructions: Remember that like other semi-permanent hair dyes, Crazy Color also may lose its intensity and vibrancy as a result of several factors as hot styling, swimming, sunbathe, hot water, frequent shampooing, etc. However, you can maintain the longevity of your color by using color-safe shampoos. 
Use dark-colored pillows, not rub the pillow. 

Crazy Color Hair Color Chart, Ingredients

Don't be afraid to play with outrageous colors that are here to turn heads! Mix them your way and have a great time with the boundless color possibilities that Crazy Color® offers.

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