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Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Ombré is a melting of the darker tones starting from the midlength of hair. This technique is a low-maintenance one as dark roots can hide hair regrowth. With one in-salon appointment, your hair will yell trendiness that will slow down to fade away. No matter if you wear a short haircut or gorgeous mane; you are curly, wavy, or have straight hair, these Ombré ideas will spark your inspiration for jumping into a new second to none look. Pick one of the ombré formulas and don the hottest craze of the season!

Blonde Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Image credit: Nikki Lee

Tired of your blonde? Don’t hurry to go brown. Take your blonde look to a new level with creative ombré ideas. Your shadowy roots that are subtly transitioning into sun-kissed blonde will have stunning natural-looking effects.


A: 1 part Davines Mask Hair Bleaching Powder + 1½ parts 30-volume developer
B: 1 part Mask Hair Bleaching Powder + 2 parts 10-volume developer
C: Equal parts Davines Mask With Vibrachrom 6.0 + 7.1 + 5-volume developer
D: Mask With Vibrachrom 15g 9.0 + 15g 9.1 + 15g 10.01 + 5-volume developer

Ash Brown Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

A trendy mix of brown with ash hues can create a smokey look giving your hair astonishing dimension and depth. Dark brown roots that are gradually turning cooler ash color can be impressive.
Color Formula by Naomi Jade:
A [roots]: 15g 3/0 + 30g 4%
B [ends]: 15g 9/16 + 15g 7/97 + 60g 1.9%

Silver Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Image credit: Deborah Parkinson

Now imagine melting metallic hues on your mane. Feels like a fairy. A trite opinion that gray tones make a woman look older is out of date now, and the silver hues have become an epitome of sophisticated charm. The transition from dark into light is very subtle and amazing.

A silver ombré formula by Deborah Parkinson:

Natural level:
1/2 Asian hair
A: Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME + 20-volume developer (1:1.5) + Olaplex №1
B: Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME + 40-volume developer (1:1.5) + Olaplex №1
C: Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME + 30-volume developer (1:1.5) + Olaplex №1
D: 60g Fanola Silver Hair Toner + 90g 3.5-volume developer + Olaplex №1
E: 60g Fanola 6.11 Dark Blonde Intense Ash + 90g 10-volume developer + 20g Fanola Silver Hair Toner + Olaplex №1

Lush Copper Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Image credit: Cassandra McGlaughlin

Itching to sport copper, but don’t dare? Instead of thinking about constant touch-ups, you may keep your base brown color at the roots and add copper starting from the middle of the hair. The result is a dashing look.

A copper ombré formula by famous colorist Cassandra McGlaughlin:

7r7rv Dia Richesse creme Demi over highlighted level 8 hair, 5cb Redken EQ shades.

Pink Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Don’t worry about touching up the grown roots. Let pink work its magic down the hair length.

A pink ombré formula by Sammi Wang:

A: Fanola Bleach Powder Violet + Fanola Fiber Fix
B: 27g of bleach + 60g 30-volume developer + 10g Fanola Fiber Fix
C: Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL 6.89 + 20-volume developer
D: 60g Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL PEARLESCENCE 9.5-89 + 3g Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL 0.89 + 120g 7-volume developer + 10g Fanola Fiber Fix

Lilac Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

It seems that fashionistas don’t want to ham and haw about testing new edgy looks. Why stay aloof? So, bid farewell to your boring look and salute lilac ombré! With a lilac touch, your mane will become a reminiscence of wonderful flowers.


Natural/Starting Level:
Level 6/7 highlights
A: Fanola Oro Gold Therapy Bleaching Powder + Fanola Oro Therapy 24k Gold Activator (half 20-volume and half 30-volume) + Fanola Fiber Fix Step 1 + Olaplex №1
B (roots): 50g Fanola Oro Puro 7.1 + 5g Kenra Professional Violet Booster + 10-volume developer + Fanola Fiber Fix Step 1 + 55g water
C (midlengths): 60g Fanola Oro Puro 8.1 + 6g Kenra Violet Booster + 10-volume developer + Fanola Fiber Fix Step 1
D (ends): 60g Fanola Oro Puro 9.1 + 6g Kenra Violet Booster + 10-volume developer + Fanola Fiber Fix Step 1

Red Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Image credit: Rachelle Mariano

For trendsetters, ombré offers a wide range of bold color blends. A hot red color with a touch of trendy ombré technique will make heads turn.

A red ombré formula by Rachelle Mariano:

A (Back Lightener): Wella Professionals MAGMA by BLONDOR /44 + 40-volume developer
B (Front Lightener): Wella Professionals MAGMA by BLONDOR /44 + 30-volume developer
C (Toner): Wella Professionals Color Touch 6/45 + 77/45 + 0/45 + Color Touch Emulsion 4

Honey Blonde Ombré

Ombre Ideas & Formulas

Image credit: Madison Alexandra

What do you think about trying a blend of sweet tones on your hair? Ask your hair colorist to start with a dark honey shade that is melting into lighter ends throughout the hair length.

A honey ombré formula by Leo:

Blondor, Welloxon Perfect, Wellaplex, Koleston Perfect
A (Lighten): Multi-Blonde Powder + 6% + Wellaplex n1
B [roots]: 30g 6/0 + 5g 0/11 + 35g 6%
C [lengths and ends]: 20gr 9/16 + 5gr 9/73 + 50g 1.9

Lifeless and dull hair isn’t the thing you deserve. It’s high time to get your groove back giving your tresses some flair. Give a go to your imagination and experiment with the mix of the gorgeous red and lilac, sunny blonde and classy brown, vivid iridescent hues, splendid natural tones, or metallic colors. Make the masses swoon over your trendy look!

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