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Holographic Hair Color

Created at the Ross Michael Salon by the US gifted hairstylists, holographic hairstyle hit the internet, inspiring vogue aficionados to go for the latest craze.
So, what is a holographic technique that makes almost everyone go wild about it?
It is a combination of glowing pastel highlights that shift effortlessly creating a 3D holographic upshot — be it a mixture of greyish, platinum and lavender, or rainbow colors. You can even create various multidimensional colors and play with them the way you like. It is all your imagination that can take the credit for your holographic locks. The iridescent tints pamper your tresses, giving an unearthly stunning look. It’s a real art of self-expression!

Holographic Hair Color

This snappy hair color can be achieved on light or bleached hair, but it is advisable to work on platinum blonde hair for the best results. Your metallic tresses will yell ethereal beauty with a touch of blue, pink, lavender, teal, yellow tinges. Holographic hair flatters all kinds of hair: curly, straight, wavy, coily, etc. You can have it anyway — big tails, French braids, fishtail braids, and enjoy the iridescent magic of holo on your head!

Holographic Hair Color

Magic Guidelines on How to get Holographic Hair

Have a look at some inspiring pics to boost your creativity and start your enticing, colorful journey throughout the hair dye process.

Remember that holographic styling requires a lot of time as well as money. According to most hairstylists, it may take about five to six hours to get the dazzling holo effect.

All you need to get holographic tresses are:

- different bowls with already picked colors
- brushes (it is advisable to use different brushes for each color in order not to stain the shades)
- tail comb
- clips
- gloves
- spark of creativity

Holographic Hair Color

Step by Step Guide to Getting Holographic Hair

1. Put on your gloves and get started.
2. Pour the colors to different bowls. Carefully blend each bowl. You can also mix the colors as your imagination bodies forth to get the pictured shades.
3. Start with sectioning hair into small and thin strands. The thinner the sections, the better the outcome.
4. Start with light or well-bleached hair and give a go to fun.
5. Make sure to apply the picked base color onto the roots first and then move throughout the whole length of hair.
6. If you want to have layers visible across the whole head, streak the color horizontally.
7. Then switch to another color, applying it on your strands with your own design, controlling the color shift.
8. Go on applying all the chosen colors to hair, following the transitions from one color to another.
9. When you are done with all the colors, strongly keep the time as written in the instruction and rinse your hair.

Holographic Hair Color Ideas

Here are some enticing ideas on testing holo on your head. You have to consult a talented hairdresser to get the ultimate bespoke look.

Holo Denim

Holographic Hair Color

Sport holo denim that is melting away throughout the hair length. The result is enticing locks that will make heads turn.


Holographic Hair Color

Iridescent Holo

Holographic Hair Color

Want to enjoy the vivid rainbow on your head or prefer subtle colors, maybe you envision testing the glowing sunset lights on your head? Rock iridescent holo picking bright or pastel shades!

Holo Ribbons

Take your look into a new level embellishing your head with yellowish, red, streaks. Just imagine the chic holo ribbons, awesome.

Pearlescent Holo

Holographic Hair Color

Rock all the snappy colors altogether. Baby pink mingled with greyish tones will give your head a dazzling opalescent look.

Double-sided Holo Mane by Guy Tang

Guy Tang, a big name in the hairstyling industry whose videos and tutorials go viral on the internet, making millions of fans obsessed with his arty hairstyling ideas. His Mydentity Color line is a real burst of creativity that instills enthusiasm and excitement into hair coloring. His inspiration knows no borders. Here is one of the videos of creating a two-sided holographic mane by the original king of balayage.
“When you turn to the left, it looks cool, arctic icy ocean waves crashing in the midnight sky. The right side is like under the sea. Here are coral, pink, and lilac tones like a soft iridescent sunset. It’s so dreamy and natural, and I love it!.” Guy Tang
Enjoy watching!

Holographic Hair Color Formula:
Regrowth/Shadow Roots
IGORA 3/4 tube 9,5-22 and 1/4 tube E-1

Cool side:
Pearlessence 9,5-29 + ColorWorx Purple
9,5-22 + Pearlessence P6-23 + ColorWorx Blue
Pearlessence P9,5-43 + ColorWorx Green

Warm side by tips IGORA 9,5-1 + 0-11 :
Pearlessence P9,5-89 + P9,5-29 + ColorWorx Purple
Pearlessence P9,5-89
Pearlessence P9,5-74 + P9,5-89 + ColroWorx Pink + Red

Passionate about this technique? Steal the formula and rush to the salon to create your out-of-the-world look!

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