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Hair Coloring During Pregnancy

Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy? (Hair coloring during pregnancy)

Hair Coloring During Pregnancy

Having gorgeous strands with a stunning gloss is a dream of every woman, and mums-to-be are no exception. A common question that most pregnant women dwell on is: Is it safe to color hair during pregnancy?
Most researches go viral about the harmless impact of hair dyes during pregnancy. Nevertheless, the dyeing process embraces the hair dye and skin contact. As a result of various physiologic and dermatologic changes, such as hirsutism, striae, increased skin growths, blood volume, and changes in hair texture, you don’t know how your skin or hair will react to the dye. So, before booking an appointment with a hairstylist, our expecting moms should consult their physician.

Hair Dying Tips for Mothers-to-be

Only after getting the go-ahead from the doctor can pregnant women head to the salon taking all the precautions. Here is a handful of tips to consider before taking the plunge:
1. Your dye job needs to take a break for at least 12 weeks, as the first trimester is crucial for the development of the fetus — why take a chance?
2. Make sure to use semi-permanent dyes or colors that are ammonia-free and don’t contain peroxides and other chemicals. Natural dyes can turn out to be the best option here.
3. Choose gentler alternatives for your preferred color that you can get without bleaching.
4. If you prefer the DIY dye type, you can give some flair to your locks with herbal henna. What’s more, adding some lemon juice and honey to the henna powder and applying the mixture to your strands, you will get the long-lasting hue for your hair.
5. When starting the dyeing process, make sure the area is adequately ventilated to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes.
6. Don’t forget to wear gloves when applying the dye. Avoid direct exposure of the dye to the skin.
7. Strongly follow the directions stated on the dye box (do a patch test, carefully rinse your scalp).
Attention: Never dye or bleach your eyelashes or eyebrows.
Most women consider the prenatal period and the breastfeeding months a fairly long stretch to delay the beauty procedures; however, the risks of complications may coat the fleeting benefits of cosmetic interventions.

Hair Coloring During Pregnancy

Final Touch

Expecting moms deserve to feel and look at their best. So pamper yourself with some chemical-free beauty treatments considering all the tips mentioned above, excluding the risks of harming the unborn baby. Stay stunning; stay safe!
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