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Bangs Are Taking Over 2021

You don’t want to miss out on 2021's biggest hair trend, right? Then rock bangs! The hairstyles with bangs are versatile so that you can be sure to find one that suits you best. From cheekbone grazing curtain fringe to elongated bangs are all the rage this year.

Curtain Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


Seeking low-maintenance trendy hairstyles that will take your look to a new level? Sport face-farming curtain bangs that don’t require much upkeep: wash your hair and air dry, And the 70s-inspired cool-girl vibes are ready. There is one more thing that makes curtain bangs so noteworthy: They will look great with any hairdo: high or low updo, half ponytail, etc.
How to Cut Curtain Bangs: The most important thing is achieving the effortless slant, the subtle transition from shortest fringe to the longest.

Classic Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


For those straight-haired, who want to switch things up, classic bangs are really a way to go. If you want to enjoy your bangs for long, be ready for quick trims every two weeks.

Curly Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


If you think that bangs are only for straight hair, 2021 rushes to prove you otherwise. Long curly bangs frame the face so prettily that you can’t but grab the show wherever you are. Be aware that curly bangs look amazing paired with bob or pixie. Yes, you heard me right; curly bob and pixie with bangs are the hottest trends of 2021.

Highlighted Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


Want to show off the boldest you? Highlight your bangs; be sure that pop of color can do the job for you.

Messy Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


Messy hair is usually challenging to deal with, let alone messy bangs. If you want your messy hairstyle to look gorgeous, you should take care of your hair (use paraben-free shampoos and gels to keep the moisture and make it easier to style).

Afro-Kinky Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


A thick African hair will also look nice with kinky bangs. A few flattering pops will definitely add some flair to the hair of the women of color.
These bangs don’t require any styling products and tools; you can lean into your natural hair texture. Want to style your bangs at home? Excellent, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to add a twist to your fringe. That’s all, enjoy your flawless bangs!

French Bob

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


Give your classic bob haircut a spin. Cut your hair at chin-length, couple with brow reaching bangs, and a modern wavy bob is ready.
Featured on the red carpet, the beachy bob and bangs came to prove how chick and chill this hairstyle can be. Enjoy your trendy look!

Beachy Hair with Bangs

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


From long to short, beachy hair is also stylish this year. Here are several tips to keep your beachy waves in good shape:
Please keep it clean: Excess oil and grease on your hair can make it look not very interesting.
Keep it moisturized: Moisture is the number one factor of having gorgeous messy hair.
Comb it right. Use a wide-tooth comb.

Still, think that bangs are not your cup of tea? Celebs will prove you otherwise.

Celeb Fashionistas will Inspire You to Rock Bangs

Billie Eilish's Jow-Dropping Blonde Bangs Wow the Fans

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


The world-famous star Billie Eilish is also famous for her ever-changing hair. She dipped a toe in almost every color of the rainbow. After making headlines with her fantastic blonde tresses, Eilish debuted bobs and bangs. How can the A-list celeb miss the biggest trend of the year? Never!

Margot Robbie's Beachy Bangs Are Simply Elegant

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


Celeb's effortless hairstyles prove that bangs are not a big commitment; you need to combine it with the right haircut or hairdo. So are Robbie's
bangs. Her long and light bangs go well with her beachy haircut flawlessly flattering her face. Slunt layers frame her face giving a relaxed look.

Priyanka Chopra's Curtain Bangs Are New Insta Obsession

Bangs Are Taking Over 2021


Chopra likes bangs and often rocks fringes; now it's time for elongated curtain ones. Priyanka's Insta fans are really obsessed with her soft and textured bangs that perfectly frame her face like a curtain.

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