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Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

Blue hair — a big trend that is taking over Instagram feeds of fashionistas lately. From light pastel to dark black and blue shades, there are so many magnificent ways to rock the color that you can always be sure to find the boldest, gentlest, or craziest you.

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue hair colorDusty blue hair color

Credit: @caraisacat

It's beyond doubts that vivid hair colors are fun, but every so often, you want to give a go to matte shades as smokey or dusty blue hair. It is an effortless way to awake a sense of confidence and freedom. Style your tresses with curls, then loosen it with fingers or comb.

Electric Blue Hair Color

electric blue hairelectric blue hair

Credit: @ʟɪɴᴅᴀ ʟᴇʜᴛᴏ

Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

Bright, full of energy, electric blue hair will light the spark in you. You can get the color with semi-permanent Schwarzkopf Live Electric Blue 095. The color will work its magic on pre-lightened hair. A hint: You can get your dreamt pastel shade by adding a little conditioner to the Live dye. To keep the vibrant color's longevity, don't shampoo your hair for two or three days after applying the dye. Be different and create a buzz with this electrifying color!

Ocean Waves

Ocean WavesOcean Waves

Credit: @glamiris

It’s not just about the dark or light blue hair color. It’s a color that swings like ocean waves. Hairstylists who create this ocean-inspired color mix various blue shades in a hair strand that fluctuate from teal to cobalt. Ocean hair works best on wavy hair that effortlessly flaunts. I bet you are chomping at the bit to make eyes envy with your stormy ocean waves; that's why we have shared a formula below.

A formula by Guy Tang:

Lift with @guytang_mydentity #Big9 and use the Vibrant Pastels.
A: Rootage formula: Charcoal
B: Mid-Shaft: Arctic Blue
C: Ends: Mint of Steel

Dark Blue Hair Color

dark blue hairdark blue hair

Credit: @glamiris

Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

Dark blue hair is a mix of black and blue that can give you a mysterious look. Are you confident enough to wear dark blue? Bob, middle-length, or long hair, it doesn’t matter at all. The color looks amazing in any case. You can get the dark blue hair color with Splat hair dye that will last up to 30 washes.

Teal Blue Ombré

Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

There is something unnatural about the color that can create mystery over the look like a real mermaid. Recently teal blue has become the color to go for. Are you a long wave lover, or maybe pixie is your preferred hairstyle? Whatever you choose, you can be sure of your peerless look. Wait, now imagine dark to teal blue Ombré - dazzling!

Light Blue Ombré

light blue ombrelight blue ombre

Credit: @roguehairstudio

Want to accentuate your blue eyes and compliment your skin tone? Light blue hair will do the work for you. Add some edginess to your look with light blue locks!
Darker roots melting into lighter ends starting from the midway are gorgeous — style with waves reminding a blue sky… perfection.

Aquamarine Blue Hair

aquamarine hairaquamarine hair

Credit: @colorgeek

Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

There are so many shades of blue hair dyes that you can't help but crave experimenting with some of them. Here semi-permanent hair dyes come to your rescue. Getting your envisioned hair color without long-term obligations is simply amazing. You can get the delicate aquamarine color that lies somewhere in between blue and turquoise with Arctic Fox Aquamarine. Don't forget that the color works more efficiently on bleached hair. On darker shades, the color will have a teal tint.

Pastel Blue Hair

pastel bluepastel blue

Credit: @colorgeek

Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

The color provides you an exceptional opportunity for self-expression. Pastel hues are prone to fading. If you want to ensure your pastel blue’s longevity, consult with your hairstylist about color-safe shampoos and treatment.


denim hairdenim hair

Credit: @caraisacat

Rock denim in Cold winter, colorful fall, or hot summer; it is an all-season trend. In fact, this shade of blue has enough edginess to transform your look.
Add some darkness to your roots that are slightly melting into dusty denim to get a cute and snappy look. Anxious to get the formula? Don't fret, It is a step away.

A formula by Cara Sripattra:

A: Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + 20-volume developer
B: Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + 7-volume developer
C: Wella Professionals Color Touch 25g 7/89 + 4g 2/0 + 2g 3/68 + 6-volume developer
D: Wella Professionals Color Touch 20g 10/01 + 20g 9/16 + 10g 10/6 + 10g 10/81 + 2g 0/68 + 7-volume developer
E: Equal parts Pulp Riot Powder + Mercury + 1/2 tube of Lilac + a dollop of Nightfall + a dollop of Velvet

Blue Melt

blue ombreblue ombre

The blue color at the roots that is turning icy platinum blue is so pretty. Ahead you will find the formula that shared the young hair colorist.

A formula by @natnatkittycatt:

Formula A (pre-lighten):
Surface PURE BLONDE + 30-volume developer + Olaplex №1
A (root shadow): Color Intensity Indigo + Sapphire Blue + a dot of Black Pearl
B: Color Intensity Cobalt + Mermaid Blue
C: Color Intensity Clear + Mermaid Blue

Bewitching Sleek Blue Hair

sleek hairsleek hair

Credit: Melissa Eppers

If you have always dreamt of blue hair, then this tender light blue hair is right for you. Make your hair sleek and enjoy your fresh and vibrant look!

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Blue Hair Color: Ideas, Formulas, and Brands

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