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5 Blonde Shades to Rock in 2020

There are various shades of blonde to try out — from Nirvana blonde to brassy tones or blonde highlights; you will find a style that will give your skin tone and hair color a chance to lighten up. Due to the increasing number of blonde Redken EQ shades, the light hairstyles will never lose their charm; no matter honey hues or dirty blonde you sport, be sure to steal the show.

Beige Blonde Hair Color

5 Blonde Shades to Rock in 2020

If you have long cherished the idea of switching up to beige blonde, then don’t hesitate to give it a go and ensure your jaw-breaking look.
If your base is dark, you have to bleach your strands to achieve a startling beige tone. Be prepared for several bleaching sessions in case your hair is very dark. Make sure to turn to a professional for getting the beige blonde hue you have envisioned so long. With the right color kit, you can get the beige at home. If you are fond of L’Oréal Paris and need a rec, we may offer Féria 91 Light Beige Blonde that costs no more than $10. With this kit, you will enjoy the beautiful shimmer of beige.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

5 Blonde Shades to Rock in 2020

You don’t need to walk on the runways to boast with your gorgeous platinum hair color. One of the most significant current hairstyle trends won’t leave you unnoticed. If you are bold enough to test an attention-grabbing look with the metallic shimmer of the platinum blonde that yells confidence, look through our recs. We can suggest Revlon Color Effects Platinum™ that costs $11.99, or there is a bit cheaper variant for the funs of L’Oréal: Feria Absolute Platinum ($9.99).
Notwithstanding its stunning hue, be informed that achieving this color is not that simple, and before trying, make sure to consult with your hairstylist. If your hair is black or dark brown, you will experience a complicated dye job, besides the possibility of not reaching the desired outcome is higher. For those with lighter hair, going platinum blonde is just one dyeing procedure away. Whoops! Here is another problem. Are you ready to touch-up your roots every 5–6 weeks, depending on the hair growth? So, apart from the striking and unforgettable impressions that the platinum blonde can arise, remember that keeping the color in good shape comes to be costly.

Baby Blonde Hair Color

5 Blonde Shades to Rock in 2020

Hanker for a lighter and brighter blonde? Get the inspiration from your childhood locks and forget about brassy tones as the baby blonde is all about softness and brightness. This hue is excessively light, but there is some warmth in it. Like the rest of the blonde shades, this hue is also difficult to achieve with a dark hair base; it will take a long journey to get it, besides you may get some shade in-between your dream color. If you are ready to wait a relatively long period (14 days between each bleaching) to rock baby blond, you can do it at home using various hair color kits of famous brands, as Garnier Nutrisse Crème Baby Blonde 10.01 (about £5.75).

Ashy Blonde Hair Color

5 Blonde Shades to Rock in 2020

Are you tired of your current hue? Give a try to a shade of blonde with a grey tinge to get the ashy color. This hue will give a delicate accent of edginess and coolness to your look. Besides, the color goes well with most undertones: L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color, 8A Ash Blonde, ($9).

Sun-Kissed Caramel Blonde

5 Blonde Shades to Rock in 2020

A little sun-kissed glow is something you need? With the help of L’Oreal Superior Preference Preference Sun-Kissed Caramels ($12.18), you can feasibly add some light to your strands. It seems that the brand occupies leading positions in the ‘sun-kissed hair’ products. That’s why our recs are spinning around L’Oréal.
So, if you are itching to switch up blonde, it’s high time to pick your favored shade and rush straight to your hairdresser or just to the drugstore to give it a go at home.

Still in doubt which hue you need? You can still keep your mane cool and trendy with highlights, blending some subtle swings, and natural accents.

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