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Become Your Own Colorist with at Home Color Kits

Do you want to dye your hair copper-red? Are you ready to experiment with tones of blonde or chestnut? With the frantic rhythm of life, it is not always possible to find time for a beauty salon. Cheer up! The number of women trying to dye their hair at home is doubling connected with the pandemic.
From platinum blond to chocolate black — you may get the color at home. Like any other beauty procedure, hair dyeing has its subtleties that should be taken into consideration. Mastering several tips, you will no longer need a hairdresser to change your hair color.

Become Your Own Colorist with at Home Color Kits

Choose the Right Color

However hard it may seem to dye your hair at home, things get easier by choosing the right color from the vast range of hair dyes and hue options. Don’t forget that the color of the model’s fantastic locks on the box may quite vary from the result. It mainly depends on several factors embracing your current hair color, hair type, and thickness of hair.

Have Everything at Hand

Become Your Own Colorist with at Home Color Kits

After the careful choice of the color, let’s proceed to the instructions that should be read beforehand. Make sure to prepare all the necessary things like a surgeon before starting the dyeing process. Being clear on steps will reduce the possibility of making mistakes and stop in the middle-process.

Protect Your Skin from Dye Stripes

You may use balm around your forehead and ears to protect the skin from the dye stripes. Don’t forget to wear an old T-shirt and gloves (included in the dye kit).

Dye on Dry Hair

Become Your Own Colorist with at Home Color Kits

Hair color experts recommend dyeing your hair when it is dry. When hair is saturated with water, the dye may not take to the hair strands, and the result will be disappointing. Besides, dye molecules may leach out every time they are exposed to water, plus the dye may fade out. So, try to avoid wetting your hair and protect it with a swimming cap while taking a bath.

Spread the Dye with a Brush

To get more professional results, use a brush and a bowl as in beauty salons. Spraying dye on hair may seem easier; however, it may not give you the best results.

Avoid Transition from Chemical to Natural Dyes and Vice Versa

The results of dyeing may be disappointing if, during the previous times, you used henna or plant decoctions. It is also essential to consider when applying natural dyes to already colored hair.
If you like the new color, remember the tone number for the next time. Use special shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair to keep the color radiant and healthy. The following key attributes to preserve healthy hair is not doing chemical curling and dying simultaneously. Let your hair recover after each process.

Be Careful with Time

Become Your Own Colorist with at Home Color Kits

Keep the dye on your hair as long as specified in the instruction. No more, no less. Don’t even think about such myths that the longer you leave the dye, the brighter the color will be.
However, tempting it may be to change your hair tone, remember it has its drawbacks. Dyeing damages the scalp and hair structure, as a result, your locks lose their natural look, and it will take you long to restore it.

Think Twice Before Adding Drastic Hues

Become Your Own Colorist with at Home Color Kits

Specialists recommend the first time color experimenters avoiding drastic transformations and start with subtle changes. Consider the features of the complexion before adding red, copper, or gold hues to your hair. Red doesn’t match if your skin is yellowish or olive. The reddish hue is perfectly combined with pinkish skin. Going dark with a lighter face will make you look pale. Having gorgeous locks with amazing hues may be within our power, why not take care of it?

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