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Why does hair get matted?

Weak hair is a problem; damaged hair is a problem, hair loss - problem, but when hair gets matted, this is a complete disaster. In this case hair is not just damaged or weak, but day by day they become less and less and the brushing process takes great efforts and much time. In the result – there remains no mood, no hair, not a normal hairstyle….
Anyway, if hair gets severely matted, it means it is unhealthy. First of all it indicates about its dryness. So have your hair ends cut in time, nourish and moisten them regularly.

Why does hair get matted?

Choose right hair care products
You can use homemade masks and conditioners (we strongly recommend you to use herbal and aromatic oil) or buy them from shops. Just don’t save your money when you buy the products from shops – buy products with high quality, which are the professional ones.
It would be better if your shampoo, conditioner, masks and hair care products are chosen by a specialist. If you choose it by yourself, it may take a long time and experiments. Anyway, if you decide that you will choose your hair care products on your own, take attention also to hair care creams and special sprays, which ease the hair brushing process.

Change your hairstyle
If you have thin hair, the haircut may help you. Shorter the hair is, easier it is to brush. In this case the possibility of hair to get matted becomes less. At the same time change your style. If you don’t want to have your hair cut, gather it into a ponytail or just braid. Untied hair gets matted more frequently then tidied hair.

Why does hair get matted?

How and what to brush with
Comb your hair reckon by reckon. Start from the bottom and gradually come to the top. Don’t forget about hair softening sprays. To choose a right brush is also of great importance, especially if your hair is intractable. If your hair is hard to comb, buy a long and sparse tooth combs. They should also be wooden. This will ease the brushing process.

Sleep with tied hair
It is preferable to sleep with your hair tied. Change the style of your tied hair in the morning. For example, if you wear the hair tie on the same part of your head for a long time, it leads to hair matting, too.

Use natural clothes and healthy food
Hair electric charges can also a have a bad influence on its quality and look. So try to avoid all the synthetic clothes which can deal with your hair, such as pillows, hats, shirts, etc. They all must be made of natural materials.
Don’t forget about vitamins and healthy lifestyle. As both external and internal factors have a great influence on our hair.

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