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Color & Co: Your Personalized ColorBox

Have a new hair color dream but don’t know how to accomplish it? Stay cool! Since May 2019, L’Oréal continues to astonish fashionistas with a revolutionary brand Color & Co, that will help you find your exact color. It is a new approach in the hair-dying industry that offers personalized hair coloring services.
According to Color&Co General Manager Olivier Blayac, the color is created especially to avoid unpredictable results with at-home hair dyes. A-list specialists make the personalized D2C (Direct to Customers) hair color for embracing your uniqueness.

Color & Co: Your Personalized ColorBox

How It Works

The user-friendly website allows you to make informed decisions about your desired hair color. You may either have a free consultation with a hair specialist or take a quiz. The video calls enable you to discuss such details with a specialist as your hair length, density, desired hair color, last hair color treatments, etc. Then a unique custom blend hair color is created in accordance with all your answers. Your data may be saved for easy reordering. As soon as your personalized hair color is ready, it will be directly shipped to your door. The Color & Co kit includes personalized instructions on the use, gloves, conditioner, and stain block.
The results will speak louder than anything else: moisturized, smooth, and silky hair that shines perfectly with vibrant color.

Your preferences plus specialists guidelines will make a good team together that will work wonders for your hair.

The Benefits of Color & Co Hair Color

Color & Co: Your Personalized ColorBox


When speaking about Color & Co, convenience is one of the first things that may come to your mind. You just make up your mind to change your hair color and visit colorandco.com from the comfort of your home.
After taking the quiz or having a video call, the Color & Co team of experienced specialists will analyze the data provided by you and start creating your personalized color. If you have colored your hair before, video chat will be a better choice.


Color & Co is also well known for its affordability. If you are not subscribed for automatic shipments, the cost will be $26.90, and for those with subscriptions will cost $19.50. Why pay through the nose when you can combat greys and get excellent hair color with this at-home color box.

Adorable Results

With the Color & Co hair color kit at hand, you can be sure of salon-quality results. The formula of the hair color is infused with deep conditioners and ingredients that will leave you with healthier and shinier hair. Turn your at-home dye job easier with Color & Co hair color and enjoy your long-lasting grey-free color.

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