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Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

Color Street is 100% nail polish in sticker form that offers infinite design possibilities. Each Color-Street pack includes 14 sheets of self-adhesive colored nail stickers that won't damage your nails. The fashionistas will immediately fall in love with glitters and gradients that are so charming. Moreover, they are straightforward to apply. All you need is to pick your fave design and give it a go!
Here is how the founder of Color Street Nails, Fa Parker came up with the idea of creating these fantastic nail stickers: He noticed a woman in the cab, trying to polish her nails, and thought for himself, “There has to be a better way!” Then he bought various nail polishes and started experimenting with them on paper, and finally, he nailed it. Thus, the revolutionary Color Street stripes are born!

FAQs & Facts About Color Street Nail Stripes

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

How to Apply Color Street Nails?

Salon-quality nails with no dry time and effortless application are now a reality! Here is how to apply Color Street Stripes on your nails:

1. Prep Your Nails

Before applying the strips, make sure your nails are clean and primed, cuticles are pushed back, and the edges of your nails are filed. The Color Street pack includes a Prep pad to clean your nails and a file to smooth the edges and remove the excess strip from your nails. You can keep the Prep pad for later use.

2. Select the Perfect Size

Select the Perfect size of nail polish strips that best fit your nails. For example, if your nails are shorter, you can cut them into two equal parts and use half of the nail strip, keeping the other half for another application.

3. Remove the Cover & Backing

Remove the transparent cover and the backing, break away from the silver tab then apply to the nail. Remember that when exposed to air, the strips began to dry. So, once you have removed the transparent cover and the backing, you should immediately apply it to your nail.

4. Apply to the Nails

Apply the Color Street strips to your nails and smooth the base back and forth. If the strip is not straight, you can pull it off again and reapply until it finds its best place.

5. Remove the Excess Strip

After sticking the stripes on your nails, pinch the excess strip over under the nail and remove it with a cuticle stick. 
Repeat the same actions for the rest of your nails.

Tip 1: To keep the longevity of your nail stripe, keep away from water for a few hours.

Tip 2: Use the strips at home temperature as the heat and the cold may damage your nail strips.

Tip 3: Color street strips do not stick to your skin, so you can easily remove the excess strip from your nails. You may use a file, a cuticle stick, or just your thumbnail.

How Long Does the Color Street Last?

According to the Color Street Nails founders, these stickers will last up to 10 days; however, as per numerous reviews, they may last an even longer course; of course, it also depends on your nail growth.  

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

How to Remove the Nail Stickers?

As Color Street is 100% nail polish, you can remove them with the usual nail polish. However, the quickest and effective way to remove these nail stickers is with acetone on a cotton ball. 
If your nails are weak and prone to peeling, you can use nail polish removers that are not acetone-based. Nevertheless, you should be ready to spend time and effort to remove the polish in this case. M in this case, more time spent may be the price for the less damage. 

What Do the Color Street Nails Cost?

The prices for Color Street Nail stripes are relatively affordable and range from $11–$14. You can buy solid colors for $11, glitters for $12, other designs are available at the cost of $13, while for French tips, you can pay just $14. In addition, by buying a combo of any three designs, you will get one for free. 

Some of the Color Street Designs

Oh, that glitter-dipped black rainbow.

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

Are you ready to have these great bees on your nails? With little effort, this bee sticker set will make your nails look glam.

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

Say that vampy red and black glitter ombre is simply gorgeous.  Sparkle-lovers this set is just for you!

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

A friendly reminder to treat yourself to a fresh mani today.

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

What do you think about these adorable puppies? Of course, you will immediately want to obtain them from the paw collection.

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

The classic French look is incredible. For timeless beauty, add some accent gems, and your nails are flawless.

Color Street Nails: All You Need to Know 

Image Credit: @colorstreet

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