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Understanding Type A1 Hair: Hairstyles & Tips to Care For It

Everybody is born with a specific hair type. For example, if your hair is straight, it is 1 Type; however, you should understand whether it has some movement; another question is whether your hair can hold a curl. These are essential features that discern your hair type on the 1 Type of hair scale (A, B, C).
Even if you pick up luxe hair care brands, you are not free from choosing the wrong products if you don’t know your hair type and what product to use

Understanding Type A1 Hair: Hairstyles & Tips to Care For It

Is your hair straight? Ok, now you have to determine whether your hair is 1A, 1B, or 1C. Knowing the specifics of each subcategory of straight hair, you will be able to take care of hair appropriately.

A1 Type hair is defined as thin hair with no body or movement. This hair type is extremely flat; even when curled, it does not retain the curls and is sleek even when wet. Because the straight hair structure allows oils to flow fast down the hair shaft, this hair type quickly becomes greasy. As A1 hair is extremely fragile and prone to breaking, you will require certain things to consider if you want to keep your hair vivid and healthy.

1A Type Hair: Common Issues

Each hair type has challenges requiring special care and styling products to address them. Here are some of the concerns that women having 1A hair may face.

Breakage: 1A hair is more prone to breakage than any other type. As a result of breakage, your hair looks even thinner with more freeze and flyaways. As you know, flyaways make it difficult for your hair to coax into a style.

Grease: Women with 1A hair wash their hair the most frequently compared to other hair types. It is mainly due to the oils that immediately find their way from the scalp to the hair tips, making them look greasy.

Lack of Volume and Movement: Type A1 hair is entirely flat that doesn’t have any waves or body. The absence of body and movement is the number one factor that helps differentiate Types A1 from Types B1 or C1.

Tangles: Despite the common belief that tangled hair is all about curly hair, straight hair also develops knots more often (twice as many as curly hair.) The angle of intersection explains it.

Styling Difficulties: Straight hair type faces difficulty holding a curl even with the use of styling tools and products. Besides, you can’t accessorize your hair as they slide out of your flat and thin hair. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get your desired hairstyle. It will only take more time, effort, and styling products to achieve your fine hair dreams.

How to Care for Type A1 Hair

Once you know your hair type and can discern the issues you may face with 1A hair, let’s consider some tips on caring for your straight hair.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Split ends make your hair look unhealthy and thin. Hairstylists and dermatologists advise trimming hair every 12-15 weeks (note that if you cut off your hair every four weeks, it won’t make your hair grow faster). Trimmed hair always has a fuller look.

Avoid Overwashing

We understand how tempting it may seem to wash your straight hair daily; however, overwashing can negatively affect your hair. Washing your hair too often to get rid of excess oils can lead to breakage and make your hair even greasier, as your scalp will produce more oils to compensate for the dryness caused by shampoos. Nevertheless, you can use dry shampoos in between washes to combat the grease.

Sleep on Silky or Satin Pillowcases

Silky or satin pillowcases are a great way to go if your hair is prone to breakage and tangling. What’s more, silk pillowcases keep your hair hydrated, as they don’t soak all teh moisture from your hair like cotton pillowcases. Thus, switching up a silk pillowcase will result in less breakage, freeze, and fall.

Apply Conditioner or Moisturizing Oils to Your Hair Tips

It may seem strange to moisturize greasy hair, but it is not about 1A hair. While the roots are quickly getting oily, the tips are still dry and consequently have a dull and unhealthy look. That’s why dermatologists advise applying moisturizers or hair conditioners on the ends. Essential oils are also an excellent way to keep the healthy look of your straight hair.

Hairstyles for Type 1A Hair

Hairstyles for straight hair types are all about adding dimension and volume. But, because of their flat and silky structure, it is a great challenge to find a good hairstyle that flatters them the most. So, to create an illusion of multidimensional hair, you may:

Try Multidimensional Hair colors

Understanding Type A1 Hair: Hairstyles & Tips to Care For It

One-color looks dull on flat hair, as they require using coloring techniques that will add dimension and depth to their mane. Balayage, lowlighting, ombre, and highlighting are great ways to make your hair look fuller and voluminous.

Does your hair need volume? Then, balayage with versatile color options is a way to go!
For a trendier look, you can try strawberry blonde balayage that we see everywhere in 2022. The gradual color transition from blonde to strawberry sweeps through your hair and blends effortlessly, giving your hair a multi-dimensional look. Bronde balayage is also a very chic hairstyle to rock.
Ombre with a dark crown that fades into a lighter hair color creates an illusion of fuller and thicker hair.
Another excellent means to achieve a fuller hair look is highlighting and lowlighting. However, you should share your expectations with your hairstylist to get highlights and lowlights that give depth to your fine hair.

Go With Side-Parted Hairstyles

Understanding Type A1 Hair: Hairstyles & Tips to Care For It

If you have 1A hair and are used to wearing a middle-part haircut, it's time to switch things up. A side part gives your roots more body. Simply alter the positioning from time to time to avoid boredom.

Cut Curtain Bangs and Layers

Understanding Type A1 Hair: Hairstyles & Tips to Care For It

Curtain bangs paired with layers help to add volume to your naturally thin and flat hair. For a cool and trendy look, you can try the shag hairstyle, considered one of the most stylish hairstyles of 2022.

Getting High Ponytails

Understanding Type A1 Hair: Hairstyles & Tips to Care For It

A high ponytail is an excellent way to style your flat hair. It’s a versatile hairstyle incorporating a chic, classy updo and a sporty casual ponytail.

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