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Pulp Riot: Color Chart, How Tos

"We created a product with innovative packaging that has a spirit to it, which makes stylists feel good about buying it." Alexis Thurston

Pulp Riot was launched in 2016 by Alexis and David Thurston. According to the brand's founders, the Pulp Riot color line is not created in the lab but in the hair salon by hair colorists. "Having zero degrees of separation between those creating the product and those using the product makes the product better, but also makes us more authentic," says David. In addition, pulp Riot products are vegan, cruelty-free, and easily recyclable. Alexis and Devis say that creating vegan hair dye formulas is not a part of their marketing campaign, but it is their duty as humans.

Pulp Riot: Color Chart, How Tos

The conditioner-based formula of the hair color contains bond-building quinoa that nourishes your hair and gives a healthy look to your hair. The shades are easy to mix and will surely leave a look of the Insta giIn addition; The superior dye molecules help maintain the longevity of the color and proper tone fade. Pulp Riot gives you infinite opportunities to play with colors, create looks that make heads turn. Though Pulp Riot hair color is for every walk of life, it may work wonders especially when you have creative clientele. You can experiment with Pulp riot shades the way you like: you can use several colors for creating bold and vivid looks, or you can mix them to get a new tint. For example, if you opt for pastel shades, you can use Clear or add Noir to get a darker color.

Ready to shake things up in the beauty world? Grab your Riot and start the magic!

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Easy to apply semi-permanent hair dye is highly pigmented for vibrant results that last up to 45 washes. The payoff is a rich color and fantastic fragrance. It comes in 16 shades.
Pulp Riot: Color Chart, How Tos

Neon Electric

Neon Electric collection has the same amazing benefits and performance as the original 16 shades and is UV reactive.
Pulp Riot: Color Chart, How Tos

How to Use the Pulp Riot

Apply Pulp Riot to clean and dry hair.
If you want to get an intense color, apply the dye to pre-lightened hair.
Spread the color carefully and make sure all your hair is saturated.

3. Wait for 25–40 minutes and rinse with cool water until the water runs clear. Don't shampoo.
Important Notes:
Do not mix the dye with a developer.
Before using Pulp Riot, do not condition your hair; shampoo and make sure to wash out the bleach if the hair was pre-lightened.

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